Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

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Kouta Meoshi


You know who he is? (Solo a partir de la segunda partida.)


Examine panels with Shidou, Wakasa, and Meoshi.

I think it was the stomach.

(I think the announcement said, "Awaken to your destiny, and slay the demon nue. Fail to slay the nue, and die by its poison"... Everything after "fail to slay" is pretty straightforward, so we decided to focus on "awaken to your destiny"... We split up and examined the statue and the panels. To "slay the nue" we figured out we would need to follow specific steps. We got the monk and the mage right, which left us with the hunter. Thanks to Shirabe we knew we need to attack the neck, but when Urabe pushed the button it didn't work. At this rate we are going to "die by its poison!" So what is it that we haven't figured out yet?)

Stop Mitarashi!

Let Meoshi try. [Meoshi +1]

No, I'm fine.

Examine the floor with Shirabe and Meoshi.

Are you okay?

(I think we've got the announcement riddle figured out this time, so I'll look at the stuff we found around the room. It turned out that the nurarihyon had a diamond-shaped hole that went all the way through the statue, from its stomach to its back. We also realized that the statue and its base were made of different materials. On the floor we found a mark that looked like a stylized three-leafed wild ginger plant. The mak appeared to be a button too. When we examined the doors along the walls of the room, it turned out that most of them were fake, and just painted on... But not all of them. Some were realthree, to be exact. So... what are we missing?)

Restrain myself.

Get mad.

Go with Meoshi to the arcade.

I thought I might learn something about [you.] [Meoshi +1]

Escoge a Kouta Meoshi. [Meoshi +1]



Right! [Meoshi +1]

Stop it, you two!

The ceiling's going to crush us!

Tell him the answer.

(What did Hogstein mean when he said, 'Why do you think there are cards? Who can command the March Hare?' Alice Kart use Alice in Wonderland for the setting, so it's not that strange that there would be cards here. So who can control the March Hare? Apparently the king of hearts was wrong... That leaves us with the six of spades, the king of clubs, the queen of spades, the queen of hearts, and the eight of diamonds. So it has to be one of those... But... which one?)

Get mad.

You were late, so I went to find you.

Were you on the phone?

Escoge a Kouta Meoshi. [Meoshi +1]


Go with Shidou and Meoshi.

If you give up here, it's game over! [Meoshi +1]

Restrain myself.

Is there something you want to tell us?

(There were five circled words in the journal: jealousy, fury, neglect, indulgence, and seduction. I feel like I've seen something like them before. When we first got here, we found the treasure chest on the desk, but it ended up being a timebomb. This is the last puzzle. If we can figure out which wires to cut, we'll have beaten this attraction. The announcement mentioned purgatory, which is from the Divine Comedy... I think? Purgatory is where people who have committed some of the seven deadly sins go when they die. The main character in the game this was based on worked at the hospital. His 'sin' was creating zombies and performing human experimentation. So... why do those words from the journal seem familiar?)

Maybe we should all think about it...

(There's still something we're missing... Maybe it's in that announcement. 'Farewell, bloodstained hospital. All these sins are yours, so that I might escape this purgatory.' We matched the seven deadly sins to the words circled in the journal. The journal only had five sins, though: Envy, wrath, sloth, gluttony, and lust. We compared the colored paper to the colored wires, which gave us two leftover wires. That means the red and blue wires that don't match up to the journal correspond to pride and greed... But that still doesn't tell us which wires to cut. How are we supposed to figure it out?)

Think about it more.

Get mad.

El juego te emparejará automáticamente con Kouta Meoshi.


Sorry, Wakasa. [Meoshi +1]

Thank you so much. [Meoshi +1]

Thanks. [Meoshi +1]


Why do you stay inside all the time? [Meoshi +1]

...Thanks. [Meoshi +1]

(All right, what do we know so far? The hidden doors open at specific intervals, and when they do zombies come out and head for the stairs. There are five hidden doors. One is in the middle, the next is opposite that, the next is the door furthest away... Then another, and the last one is right in front of us. If we wait for the zombies to come out, we won't be able to reach the doors before they close. But if we just wait in the hall for the zombies, they'll see us and shoot us. Hmm. How are we going to get through the doors?)

I'm a little scared. [Meoshi +1]


Restrain myself.

Be careful. [Meoshi +1]


Get mad.

...I'm glad you're here. [Meoshi +1]

What was that? [Meoshi +1]

(We figured this out in the first Bloodstained Hospital on the third day... Mai dropped a jar, and the stuff inside smelled really bad. We were all trying to figure out that stuff about 'crawling along the Earth', Mai was fidgeting... But then she piped up and said there was something written on the underside of the table. We looked, and saw some something written in blood. Then Mitarashi called it a low rain-king table, and everybody made fun of him. It actually almost seems a little nostalgic now... But it's almost over. If we can solve this puzzle, we're one step closer to getting everyone out alive!)

Yeah, let's do it! [Meoshi +1]

Get mad.

Obtendrás el ending bueno de Kouta Meoshi. Tras los créditos, accede a la opción Diary del menú principal y selecciona STAGE7. Deja el nivel de afecto a cero, confirma el nombre de la protagonista y lee la historia hasta el final para obtener el normal ending (aunque te recomendamos que lo saques con el personaje secreto).

Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi

Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi

Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi Sweet Fuse PSP Guía Kouta Meoshi

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